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How To Become
a Pilot

How To Become a Pilot

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Germany is the most positively viewed nation in the…

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Our Alliance with Pune University

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How To Become a Pilot

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A Dream come True

Soon, you could be ascending through the clouds flying a $100 million jet with 150 passengers on board at the speed of 6 miles per minute and then emerge out above the clouds into brilliant sunshine.

At 30,000 feet travelling at a speed of over 900 Km/h, it is like working at your office in the sky whilst the rest of the world works beneath you. It is both a privilege and a honour that only a pilot can enjoy forever until he retires. There is no destination ever too far for a pilot.

This career of becoming a professional pilot would make you a decision maker and bearer of heavy responsibility in a high-tech environment where you would work within a complex system of electronic equipment and computers, as well as managing and prioritizing information and communication with other crew members as well as teams on the ground.